Zoom Virtual Background Six Materials that can be used for videos

 Virtual Background of Zoom 8 Materials that can be used for videos

With the spread of telework, video conferencing tools represented by ZOOM have penetrated.
If you actually use it, you may understand,
If you talk on the video, you can see the background of your spaces quite a lot.

It will be a lot of people who do not want to show much private space, especially their homes and rooms.
With such psychological consideration, Zoom has the function of "virtual background".

Using this, it combines with your background and another background.
It is a translation that you can produce humor while protecting privacy.

Of course it can be a still image, but it can be the same for videos.
In the case of a video, it is a loop material and it will play back without breaking.

I picked up the video recommended for the background video of such ZOOM.
Basically, it is a playful material that is used in the meeting place, so
It would be nice if you could read it with a light feeling.

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In addition, the tag of the video material that can be used for zoom backgroundHereIt is aggregated.

Dot Wave

Materials | Dot Wave

It is a highly versatile loop material.
Because it is a totally settled tone, of course the zoom background
It is an easy-to-use material for video editing.

Dust illuminated by light [2] [3 types set]

Dust illuminated by light

This is a picture videograph material that has a set of three videos.
Rebeseter sells videos alone,
We also handle materials in this set.

The video itself is a pretty chic impression,
It is a material that is unexpected and highly versatile material that can be used for letters.

Earth's rotation [day and night]

Earth's rotation [day and night]

It is a videos of the earth.
An expression unique to such CG is
It is a good field of Rebeseter.

You can choose from 4 types at the day / night / center / end.

Brazil wave

Brazil wave

It is a loop material that is easy to use for business.
Because it is a 1 minute long material, it is difficult to understand the loop cut.
It is a popular material.

Glow effect that draws yen [4 types set]

This is a loop material that has become four sets.
It is a recommended video for those who want to differentiate differently with other people in ZOOM.
Besides ZOOM, it is also easy to use for load screens and characters.

Ring to keep around

Video material | Ring to keep around

This is a 3D free video material.
The case is a free 4K and 3D videograph material for free
It seems quite a rare.
Since Rebeseter offers free of charge such unusual video materials
Please try it once.