How to download purchased product

1Click an account

Click "Account" at the top right of the screen.

Click an account button

2Log in to Rebester

Enter your email address and password,
Log in to Rebester.

Log in

3Click order number

The account detail page is displayed.
On this page, you can check the past purchased products and the billing address.
Also, if you purchased an extra license, a thumbnail from Rebester logo will be displayed.
Click Download now to move to the download screen / license key confirmation screen.
Alternatively, click the appropriate order number.

Select order number

4Click Download now

This page allows you to check the order details.
If you purchased a video material, click Download now to move to the download screen.
Also if you purchased an extra license, click Download now to move to the license key screen.

Click here for download

For paid videos

Click the Download button to start the download.

Paid video material

For extra license

You can check the license key.
The license key and account screen purchase history is a proof that purchased an extra license with two points that the thumbnails are displayed with the Rebester logo.

Extra license

If you do not move to the download screen or there is an unknown point,
please contact us here.