Rebester does not allow secondary distribution of all content, regardless of paid or free.

Yes. All content is commercially available.

The resolution of works handled by Rebester is as follows.

4K: 4096×2160

2K: 1920×1080

Yes. 4K is 19:10, 2K, is 16:9.

4K is slightly lateral.

4K is unlike HD, there is no unified standard.

The works of YouTube and Netflix are mostly 3840 × 2160

The resolution at the time of shooting the camera is the mainstream of 4096 × 2160.

In Rebester, in order to respond to various resolutions,

4K-DCI is based on standards with high resolutions of the horizontal width.

So, 4096 × 2160 resolution works are produced on the premise of trimming.

Please cut off and use it.

Work with a sense of speed is basically created by 60 fps.

That is because the surface is changed later.

There is an item for adjusting the playback speed to Vimeo and YouTube control bars, so please use it.

It is possible by registering for free members.

Please use the usage statement issued by the credit card company as a receipt.

In addition, we will issue a payment statement on this site. You can download from the link in Order Confirmation email, or please contact us Here.

Please contact us here.