About stock video footage

Rebester's stock videos are original.
It is also royalty free and available for commercial use.
Some videos are free.
Specifically, I summarized the following figure, so please see.

Animated Background Stock Video Footage

Free video Paid video
Price Free ¥8,800~ ¥4,400~
License Royalty Free ( RF )
Commercial use Possible
Membership registration Unnecessary Necessary
Credit notation Necessary※1 Unnecessary

※1 If you purchase Free Video Extra License, the notation is not required. In addition, license purchase is required for each video.

For those who use the old 4K-CG [About credit notation]

If a free material is a free material for the old 4K-CG, if it becomes a paid material

No credit notation is required.

In the case of free material for both old 4K-CG and REBESTER

About what was downloaded with old 4K-CG If it is newly used and published from January 1, 2022 credit notation is required.
Until then, there is no obligation for credit notation as a matter of the old 4K-CG.

If you have any questions, please contact us here.