Five points of your own profile movie

Profile Movie is a video that introduces the levied of bride and groom flowing in a wedding.
It is the most popular among the videos flowing at the wedding ceremony.

Profile Movie can also request a vendor.
In that case, it can be produced in about 20,000 yen if it is a template.

However, I think that there are many people who have any template or not to cover with others. However, if you make a full order made full-scale, the market will go up at once.

So people who make profile movies are also increasing.
This time, we will introduce you to how to make a specific profile movie in the direction of doing that.

This site's REBESTER is a service that produces, sells and distributes original videos. As we are also rich in production experience regarding wedding movies, we hope that this article is useful.

Please see the article on the video on the wedding as well as the profile movie.

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First solidify the configuration

First, let's configure the configuration before taking a video or looking for a photo.
The profile movie is largely divided into two patterns.

Make it only with photos and comments

More than 90% of people are this pattern.
The photos of the groom and the bride are flowing in chronological order.

In this type of this type, the bride or bride's life → Groom or bride's life → 2 encounters
Most of the patterns.
There are relatively many things starting from the groom, but of course, it may begin with a bride.

The benefits of making photos and comments only do not have to shoot videos newly and without saying anything. Cost will be reduced.
It is attractive to be able to make a beginner if it is a simple video.
If you want to reduce financial costs and have a PC at home, you may also try to challenge video editing.

Mix videos and photos

Rare, but there are also patterns of mixing videos and photos.
In this case, it must be considered firmly from the configuration.

If there is a long-up video, you can use it, you can shoot a new video, and you can make it as desired.
But if you try to make it really, you may know very much. However, if you mix videos, a vendor will be customized and costly. It is also good to be self-made by those who want to reduce financial costs and mix videos.

This time, we introduce how to make a video with photos only.

Determine the overall scale based on the scale of the song

When the configuration is decided, first decide the song.
Why is it because the song is decided if the song is decided.

The approximate scale of the profile movie is 5 minutes to 8 minutes.
It may feel a little long and a little long.
Conversely, it will be short impression that it is about 3 minutes.

It is a standard that three curved currents from one song between 5 and 8 minutes.
We will introduce each case.

In the case of one song

It is simple for one song.
The groom → bride → only 3 parts of the two encounters are fitted.

For example, in the case of a 5-minute song, the bride and groom is one and a half minutes in two parts in two parts. It is very simple.

In the case of 2 songs

For example, one song in the bride and groom part and two parts of the two parts are moving to the second song. This is also a very common pattern.

It is a point that it is difficult to cut the song somewhere.
If you want to make a 5-minute song in 2 minutes, find out a point that is easy to cut a song in advance.
If the song and the song are in good condition, it will be the whole scale.

In the case of 3 songs

Groom, bride, and two parts of each part of the two songs.
This is an unusual type, but I see it occasionally.

It is a place where the song's tightness is difficult, but it does not matter if it is an easy-to-s sector. Three songs may be lost by using 3 songs, but it is OK if you make it freely because it is a wedding for bride and groom.

If the overall scale is decided, the number of photos will be decided without the number of photos

For example,This is because the number of photos and 1 piece per second is determined to be 7 seconds or 8 seconds.

If it is 5 seconds, it may not be a bit enough or sentence may not be followed.
It may feel a little longer that it is 10 seconds.

You may think that it may be 5 seconds in the actual editing, but
It is because I watch the video many times, and I need 7, 8 seconds in the first look.

For example, let's say that the whole scale has become 5 minutes.
Then, the remaining will be 4 minutes 40 seconds as we used 10 seconds for the production of the profile movie and 10 seconds at the end. In other words, there are 280 seconds.

If it will be poured in one sheet for 7 seconds, 40 can be performed by 280 ÷ 7.
In this way, it is a translation that the total number of photons is decided if the whole scale is decided.

Of course this is the basic form, so exceptionally, no comments are given, and there is no problem if you try to flow for 3 seconds by photos for 3 seconds.
If you want to give a lot of photos, you may have such a device.

Think about screen decoration

Videos of videos that flow to weddings

This is an important point.
Profile movie tends to be a sober picture on its nature.

Speaking of bad, it tends to be monotonous.
This is also a part that can not be honest.
Naturally I know the attendees, so there is no need to become nervous.

However, because it is a great wedding ceremony, I want to raise the quality as much as possible.
Photos are sparkling, bustling the background, and thinking about the whole themes, and there are various techniques.

Let's look at how to color the video concretely here.

Example of using REBESTER videos

REBESTER distributes video materials for sale or free.
Here, let's look at specific examples using REBESTER's video material.

Impprote the beginning of a profile movie

This is an impressive opening using videograph material.

If you have such an intro in the profile movie, the attending party will immediately notice "I'm sorry".
As editing only puts letters, you can raise quality while reducing the time cost.

The videos used are here.
[Two sets] Particle spreading vertically

Heavy to photos and comments

This is an example of rich finish using glitter trajectory.

I'm not disturbing the picture, and it has become a decoration with a sense of presence.
The trajectory feels the connection of time series by across the photos.

This video scale is a material that is more than 2 minutes if it is 30 fps. It starts in black and ends black, so there is no sense of discomfort to use.
It is useful if there are one such long material.

The videos used are here.
Trajectory of turmoiled particles

Always display as a background

Depending on the picture, there are also verticals but also vertical.
If you do so, the background will be scasca.

At that time, it is recommended to flow loop videos on the background.
It will be filled in between and if it matches it with the theme.

The videos used are here.
Snow crystals falling down

Use transitions

The last is a transition.
This may be a familiar word.

Transitions refers to part of videos and videos.
I think I have seen the effect that the screen gets dark slowly,
That is one of the transitions.

For example, when you move from a groom to the bride's part, it is fashionable if you use transitions. You can also see that the part is watching changes, and the quality also rises.

Here, let's look at the transition using the REBESTER videograph.


This time I inserted a transition every 2 seconds.
I think there are many people who have seen the video that contains these effects.

The videos used are here.
[Eight type set] flare transition

Profile Movie's own work is recommended for beginners

This time I introduced how to make my profile movie concrete.

I think that there are many people who have never edited video,
Profile Movie enters a relatively easy category.

Even beginners can use videos materials to easily increase quality, so
Please try Rebester material once.

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