How to make Wedding Ceremony videos

The video has also become commonplace from a long time ago.
Now it is an impression that the quality of bride and groom has increased more and more quickly.

It is best to be a professional to keep its quality.
However, if you try to make a lot of money, hundreds of thousands of costs will cost.

There are many people who want to try to make a self-made, and there are many people who will challenge video editing for the first time. This time, I would like to explain the flow of self-made video flowing in a wedding.

REBESTER, which operates this site, is a professional video and CG professional, and a lot of wedding movies have been produced. It is fortunate if this article is useful.

Videos flowing in the wedding are roughly divided into three

First, let's know the type of video that flows in a wedding.
It is roughly divided into the following three.

  • Opening movie

  • Profile Movie

  • Ending movie

In many cases, one or two of the above three, one or two flows.
It is very unusual for all three to flow.
Let's dig one by one.

Opening movie (frequency:★☆☆)

A movie that flows at the beginning of the wedding.
There are many patterns that flow just before the bride and groom entered.
The scale is often between 30 seconds and 2 minutes.

The opening movie is costly for a scale, so it does not seem much. Therefore, when the opening movie flows at a wedding, it feels like "I'm doing".

This will not work with photos and comments, so you will be able to fill the scale with videos and CG. Hardle is high to make a video production beginner. It is recommended to request a vendor or use a video material.

Profile Movie (Frequency:★★★)

This profile movie is the most wedding.
It is a video that lines the photograph of the bride and groom lines in chronological order.
The scale is between 4 minutes to 10 minutes. There are a lot of 5 or 6 minutes.

In many cases, after one feature of the groom or bride's life is featured, it is a pattern that flows from two dating to marriage. You can also see that changing songs in each part.

In the case of profile movie, it is basically OK if there are photos and comments.
It is an extreme example, but it is established if the photos and comments and songs flow in black back.
Even if you have no video editing experience, you can complete it.

However, since it is not the taste, there are many people who are asked by a vendor or raising quality in the way of using videos. Previously, it was a standard to request a vendor, but in recent years, the hurdles of video production may be down, and there are many people who are self-made.

Ending movie (frequency:★★☆)

It is a video that flows at the end of the wedding.

There are many patterns of participating the name of the attending party and comments from the bride and groom.
Is the scale of 3 minutes?

If you have requested the wedding hall to shoot that day, you can easily edit the wedding movie as an ending. However, this is a budget jumping, and thousands of yen is the market value.

It is mostly to be a calm tone when playing comments from the attendant's name and bride and groom. It tends to be a movie. If you want to make a bright atmosphere until the end, I think it may be an individual video here.

Items to check in the ceremony place

Video playback environment

Wedding venue playback environment

The playback environment is to say, "How do you actually play videos?"
For example, it is greatly different depending on whether it is an optical disc such as DVD, Blu-ray or a PC connects with HDMI.

If it is an old standing place, only DVD may be accepted. Then, unfortunately, it can only be reproduced by about a four-third of full high definition.

If you can play with Blu-ray or HDMI, you can play with enough image quality. Even if you are self-made, Blu-ray can be created easily if there is a Premiere Pro.

First, let's check the playback environment of the ceremony before making a video.
If you have a commitment, it is better to check the "Blu-ray playback or HDMI connection whether it is possible to connect to HDMI" at the stage of choosing the ceremony.

About the use of songs

The second is that it is to check if the song that flows in the video is available.
Many people want to use the famous songs, but let's check this as well.

If you use a commonly marketed music, it is OK if the ceremony and JASRAC have contracted. The act of flowing the music at the ceremony place corresponds to "performance right". We have a contract at a major wedding hall, but we recommend that you confirm it just in case.

Three ways to make wedding videos

So what kind of way do you want to make a video?
It can be classified into three as follows.

Ask a vendor

The first is a method to request a vendor.
If you search by "Wedding Movie" etc., a lot of vendors that acute video creation about weddings come out.
The quality and market price of the works vary, but one in 2 to 30,000 yen can be made. While this is cheap, it is a person who gets high, but isn't it a worth of worth considering the effort made from zero?

But this is a story about the template along the template.
Most vendors have templates in your company, and there are many types that the client passes by passing photos and comments. By doing so, it can be supplied at low prices while suppressing costs as a vendor side. If you ask a vendor, this is the largest pattern.

The story is different when you ask a fully original video.
From around 100,000 yen, it will be the market price and several hundreds of thousands depending on the quality. If you want to create an original video instead of a template, it is better to secure a budget.

Self-made from zero

The second is a way to make your own from zero.
It is a recommended way to learn video editing or to learn video editing on this opportunity.

If you have already edited video at home, financial costs will be suppressed. It takes about that time, but you can raise the quality of the video until you're satisfied with yourself.

On the other hand, if you have never done video editing at all, it is a little difficult.
Prepare the environment and consider the videos concept, prepare the material, shoot, edit, edit, and put music, and the process of output is high.

Still, if you want to create from the beginning to the end by yourself, we recommend that you consider the third method.

Use video materials and make your own

It is customizable than requesting a vendor, and it is easier than zero to make it easier.

Movie materials refer to videos that are easy to use for video editing. We also handle abundantly on this site.

By appropriately using this video material, it is possible to increase the quality while suppressing effort. Current time costs can be reduced more than fully owned. In addition, compared to the method of requesting a vendor, it is more customized than the template, and costs can be reduced from the original video.

Merits and disadvantages to make your own

merit➀: Original videos can be created

The biggest advantage is here.
When asking a vendor, there are most of the patterns that select and create templates as described above. It is different if there is a budget for requesting the trader of the original video, but the template is still mainstream.

Among them, if there is an ideal and perfect thing, it is a good choice to choose from the template. Nowadays, one video is finished for tens of thousands of yen, so it's very advantageous.

However, in the case of templates, there is a limit to something because it is specified in the number of photos and songs.
If it is self-made, you can also eliminate such anxiety. It looks free to the appearance and there is no photo limit. We recommend that you do not make it satisfied with templates.

Merit 2: If there is an equipment, it can suppress financial costs

When asking a vendor, it can be produced by 1 to 50,000 yen if it is a template.
This is a very cheap category as a video production fee, but the wedding takes some money, so I would like to reduce the cost even a little.

If you have a PC or video editing software, it can be produced from a real zero circle.
Even if there is a PC, even if there is no video editing software, software can be used with subscro, so you can reduce the initial cost cheap.

For example, if it is Premiere Pro, it is 2,728 yen including one month tax.
It is 8184 yen for three months, so financial costs are suppressed more than requesting.

Benefits 3: You can use videos as well as photos

If you want to use videos in the wedding movie, you can not use the vendor template and there is no difference.

Because most templates are created on the premise of photos.
If you want to use the old videos and newly shot videos, you can only ask the trader or make your own.

If you make a custom made cost, the cost will increase at once, so if you want to use videos, your own is recommended.

Demerit➀: Inexperienced hurdles high

From here, it will be a disadvantage.
Naturally, inexperienced people have high hurdles. This is also mentioned above.

But this is also up to the way.
For example, the opening movie is enough to edit the newly shot.

Shooting costs cost, but if you take a good location with a good camera (such as an iPhone), you can take a good work if you take a good location. If it was a long time ago, the image quality was rough, so it was really cheap, butIf you have a recent camera and the playback environment of the ceremony, a beginner can create a well enough video.

Demerit 2: If only photos, differences will occur

As mentioned earlier, it is possible to make a newcomer, unexpectedly, high quality works, if you shoot a new video.

But for profile movies, still images and comments are main content. Because this alone is lonely, it is a variety of ways. This is called "lively".

But this bustling is very difficult for amateurs.
It is a one-ranked work in video editing that you repeat sparkling materials on top of the photo, and span the character. It is not recommended to make this from zero.

The method of eliminating is a shiny videos. There are many materials suitable for wedding on this site, so please take a look at it.I think that it is possible to realize that the quality of the video goes up at once, just a few materials made by professional.

To raise quality even with your own work

Resolution is produced with full HD or higher

This is open to the opening profile.
If you make a wedding movie from now on, it is recommended that full HD or more.

If only DVD is not accepted, it is a pity on the day, but still remains as a work. If you make it in advance with a full HD, you can see it with high quality, such as when you look back later or when you want to show a friend on the net.

In the case of profile movie, it is difficult because you use old photos, but it may be 4K, for example, when making an opening movie that shoots a new video. The ceremony field that can be flowed at 4K is almost always, but if you look at it on TV, it may be interesting to make it with 4K for example.

Video editing software uses paid ones

People who have edited video for the first time are also overwhelmingly recommended for those who have experience.

The reason is that three divided into three, easy-to-use, easy-to-use, tutorials and explanations, which are likely to be useful in the future.

First of all, it is easier to use, but charged more than free software. It has a very sophisticated UI and ease of use, such as Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro, Davinci Resolve, which is used since ancient times.

Also, these tools are often examined in professionals, but more than free tools for help and tutorials are overwhelmingly more than free tools. It is also advantageous that there are many Japanese materials.

"It is likely to be useful in the future" because it can be applied to the next opportunity if one paid software is remembered. If it is free software, I do not know if the service will end, but it is always a new version and will be renewed. Once you remember, you can connect next, so we recommend using paid software even for beginners.

Camera and lenses use good things

This is limited only if you use a newly shot video.
The latest iPhone is sufficient, but it will be the quality of the camera and the lens.

If you want to vocate the background, it is better to use the lens of a suitable open value. If you take a full size or take it with RAW, there is no Kiri, but it has never been taken with a good equipment if you pursue quality.

Speech recording uses good equipment, or not speech

This is also when using videos.
Be careful with the equipment when shooting new interview videos etc.
It is not an accompanying camera, but it is recommended to use a separate microphone.

After that, the way to put out the telop is also one hand.
However, it is better to use the equipment that can be done as much as possible, as it will be more options that you can use it at the time of shooting. It is also a good method to use only videos without speech and match with BGM.

Use video material

We introduced several times, but the video material is one of the good ways of cospa that the quality goes up at once.
Normally, if it is HD size, the market price is about 20,000 yen, but REBESTER can be purchased from 8800 yen (tax included) or less. There is also a free material, so it would be nice if you could see it.

Wedding movie self-made is also possible even beginners

What did you think.
Wedding movies can be self-made with beginners. I hope this article is helpful.

Rebester introduces some articles about wedding movies, so please take a look at it.