Recommended 4K monitor selections for video editing

If you challenge to 4K video editing,
Of course 4K monitor is an essential item.

Recent 4K monitor the market is rapidly expanding,
I think there who do not know may choose which one.

In this article, the video material service Rebester unique specializing in 4K
Five recommendations for 4K monitor will introduce.
According to the everyone of your own budget and applications I hope to reference.

In Rebester, summarizes an article about 4K video editing.
Please see from here on also what you need in addition to the monitor.

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Recommended 4K monitor List

Product name Price Manufacturer Size Panel Resolution Color Management
S2722QC ¥52,980 DELL 27 inches IPS 3840×2160 -
P3222QE ¥67,482 DELL 32 inches IPS 3840×2160 -
EV3285 ¥140,000 EIZO 31.5inch IPS 3840×2160 -
SW271C ¥178,200 BenQ 27 inches IPS 3840×2160
CG319X ¥498,000 EIZO 31.1 inches IPS 4096×2160
32EP950-B ¥448,000 LG 31.5inch OLED 3840×2160 -

What is important is the size of the panel and Color Management

It is the first size, but 27-inch is the minimum required.
Recommended is more than 31 inches.

In the case of 4K, because the resolution is four times of FHD (full high definition), it is a very high-definition.
You can not 4K benefit from a small monitor. Since there is a 4K worth of the larger the monitor, let's first note to that point.

Panel is, but in VA and TN no, let's select the IPS.
This is the part that greatly affects the color. Simply IPS is the most high quality.
In the past, I IPS felt high, the price is also not high up there now.

Finally, color management.
This has the advantage that you can work the correct shades in a variety of color space.

Also in the works that we finally stuck in color, is a ruin is wrong is the monitor that he or she is working.
In order to prevent this kind of accident, those who stick to the colors we recommend the introduction color management.

However, in the case of 4K monitor, the price will jump at once.
¥100,000 it's also in the following, but be careful because the color is not good.

Anyway cheap want more for: S2722QC


Studio official website

Manufacturer: DELL
Size: 27 inches
Panel: IPS
Resolution: 3840 × 2160

The cheapest is here in the model to introduce this time.
Yet the IPS 4K monitor is available for purchase in about ¥50,000.

sRGB cover rate is 99 percent.
In addition, there is a 65W power supply function of the USB-C because, desk around also clean.
Since also thin frame, it is recommended model for students who want to keep anyway cheap.

Price is cheap minute, size is smaller and 27 inches.

Good things-out want direction while suppressing the cost:P3222QE


Studio official website

Manufacturer: DELL
Size: 32 inches
Panel: IPS
Resolution: 3840 × 2160

While suppressing the price, it is the perfect model for those who want a large size.
IPS, 32 inch, USB-C power supply, 4K, with specs that sRGB cover rate of 99% Price is around ¥70,000.

Highest peak in less than color management: EV3285

Product image 1

Studio official website

Manufacturer: EIZO
Size: 31.5 inches
Panel: IPS
Resolution: 3840 × 2160

Though it is almost the same specs as the DELL model on one
Price is EIZO monitors to 2 times.

The difference between the two would be still brand.
EIZO is the monitor brand of domestic, which is also supported by a professional in the field.

Its performance is top in the world, we have to sell the height of the quality.
If you want to also stick to the color while suppressing the cost is here of the model is recommended.

For people want to color management with reduced cost: SW271C

Studio official website

Manufacturer: BenQ
Size: 27 inches
Panel: IPS
Resolution: 3840 × 2160

The color management model equipped with the BenQ.
Size is a little smaller and 27 inches, but can be purchased at less than half as compared with the EIZO of the model described below.

However, since in terms of color and color reproducibility of the rise is minute to EIZO,
If you want to touch the color management, it may be good for those who want to experience with reduced cost.

The finest of the person for want to color management in equipment: CG319X

Product image 1

ColorEdge CG319X (calibration sensor built-in)

Manufacturer: EIZO
Size: 31.1 inches
Panel: IPS
Resolution: 4096 × 2160

Status quo is the highest peak of 4K color management monitor.
It has passed about three and a half years since its release, but still maintaining the position of the flagship.

Feature is a point higher recall of color and that you can work in a variety of color space.
In addition you can also perform simple HDR work.

Still is the price to become a bottleneck.
Be multiplied by the cost model is recommended for those who want to color management in 4K.

If 4K video editing in an OLED this: 32EP950-B


Studio official website

Manufacturer: LG
Size: 31.5 inches
Panel: OLED
Resolution: 3840 × 2160

Organic is the EL of 4K monitor.
The performance difference between the panel of the IPS has been phenomenal.
This only we will recommend that you take a look once in electronics stores and the like.

Furthermore, coverage of DCI-P3 There are 99 percent.
This is the color space of the next generation, which has been adopted by such as iPhone.
It is possible to reproduce the color wider than sRGB, it is expected the activity in the future.

Since it has also price is very high, I this is also consultation with the budget.

Trying to examine the monitor if 4K video editing

What did you think.

Monitor on which the 4K video editing Let's carefully chosen.
As we reported also at the beginning, other than budget
"Presence or absence of size panel color management" is important.

4K monitor is it found in many markets other than those introduced here,
It is also true that commodity is not a few of cheap and nasty.
Budget of at least 50,000 yen if the 4K monitor is wanted place.
Please enjoy the monitor to choose to suit budget and applications.

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