Selections for 4K video editing

4K content has increased one after another with media including YouTube and Netflix.
In addition to seeing, it is not only one who wants to challenge 4K videos editing.

4K videos are a 4-fold resolution of 2K and the more you look at it on a large screen, the more you feel the benefits.
Recently, TVs and 4K are popular and have been gradually spreading to general families.

However, I would like to know what I need to do before I actually try 4K videos.
It is recommended to prepare the following four equipment as I said from conclusions immediately.

  • 4K compatible camera
  • High performance PC
  • 4K compatible monitor
  • 4K compatible cable
  • Video editing software

REBESTER treats original videos and more than 100,
All of them are produced at 4K.
I think that you can introduce the findings we got there in this article.

Then I will explain specifically.

4K compatible camera

4K compatible camera

First of all, from here?
Cameras can be said essentially unless it is a full CG work.

Of course you can connect photos and make it a video,
This time, we will introduce a camera that supports 4K videos.

Recommended 4K video compatible camera



Sony's digital single-lens reflex camera.
It is the world's smallest and lightest full size mirrorless single-lens camera (as of 2020),
It is recommended to edit 4K movie from now on.

Because the price is around 200,000 yen, it will be quite proud to include the lens.
However, it is actually a very large advantage that it is easy to carry.

Sensifying is important than the same camera specification.
In the first time, the camera may not be motivated by heavy cameras, so
Light is a big benefit.



It is the latest GOPRO that is ideal for the outdoors.

5K videos can be taken with this compact camera.
It is perfect for those who want to put on videos by subjective leisure and sports.

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera


It is a Blackmagic camera that can shoot RAW data.
RAW data is the data before compression.

It is characterized by the fact that flexible grading can be made compared to other cameras.
Dynamic range is also wide, and indoors and outdoors are expressed without blackening or leaving white
You can make pictures that can not be done with other cameras.

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera is divided into 4K / 6K / 6K PRO.
Please note that 4K is different from other things with sensor size and lens mount.

High performance PC

High-end PC

Of course you also need a PC.

Basically, desktops are recommended.
I can not connect a notebook PC and 4K monitor, but
The desktop is overwhelming in terms of cospa and speed.

Originally important is the CPU.
It is an Intel and more than 8 cores of Core I7.
AMD Ryzen is recommended if it is cospa emphasis.

It is ideal that there are more than 32 GB or more memory, 64 GB or more.
Storage will be SSD instead of HDD.

Recommended 4K video editing PC

27 inch iMac

iMac27 inch

iMac is a very cost-effective PC.
This serves a role between PC and monitor.

More than 3.8 GHz 8 core processors are recommended as specifications.
If you customize the memory with 32 GB or more, and SSD is more than 1TB
The total amount is 400,000 yen.
It may feel high as an initial investment, but it is reasonable to think about the place that doubles as a monitor.

By the way, if you get used to 4K video editing, you may feel that one 27-inch monitor is not enough.
Assuming this, it is also useful to select PCs that are not integrated in advance.


ZEFT Gaming PC

It is a high-end personal computer equipped with Intel® CoreTM I9-11900K processor. Long-established PC shop Seven It is sold from.
Memory is 32GB, 500GB SSD and RTX3060, and 250,000 yen including tax.
It is good to be able to buy and buy very costs if it is a Windows BTO PC.

If there is a specification specification, 4K movie editing is possible enough.
The more memory and SSD are, the easier to handle, so it will be consultation with your budget.

4K compatible monitor

4K compatible monitor

You also need a 4K compatible monitor.
Even though, more than 4K video editing
There are only 4K monitors and only one scene is missing.

Finally find 4K image quality in the viewer,
It is good to leave the UI for work.
There are three major types of monitoring methods.

  • Work with 1 4K monitor
  • Working with one more monitor with a 4K vicinity monitor
  • Work with 1 single monitor with 4K or more

Also, please refer to the article of the following link for a specific recommended 4K monitor.

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Work with single 4K monitor

When performing 4K movie editing with 1 4K monitor

First of all, when working with single 4K monitor.
This method may be the most budget,
I do not recommend it very much.

For example, in making 4K videos as mentioned above,
It is because 4K monitor alone is not enough.

Usually, in video editing, "Viewer" to confirm the final video
"UI" such as timeline is required.

In other words, if you match the viewer and other UI, it is not enough in 4K.

Of course, there is also a way to display the half resolution and reduce the viewer.
You can also view other UIs.
However, there is a detail that did not know at 2K resolution
It is often seen in 4K, so it is still a place to check with the final image quality.

Working with one more monitor with a 4K vicinity monitor

When editing 4K movie with 2 4K monitors

This method is said to be a so-called dual display
It is a method of using two screens.

One is completely using 4K monitor as a viewer.
And it will bring other UI to another screen.

The merit of this method can always work while confirming the final resolution videos.
The disadvantage needs a budget for two monitors.
Recently, the 4K compatible monitor has become cheap, so
There may be ¥ 100,000 even if two pieces are aligned.

Work with single monitor of 5K or more

When editing 4K movie with 1 5K monitor

The benefits of this method are space saving.
Because it is one piece, we do not take a space rather than putting two monitors.

It is also recommended for those who want to work with one monitor.

The disadvantage is the budget.
If it gets more than 5K, the price will be bounced at once.
Also, the color management compatible monitor is still not 5K or more.

Recommended 4K compatible monitor

27 UP650-W

27 UP650-W

It is a good product with a very cospa that price is a 40,000 yen stand, while the price is a 4KHDR compatible.
The coloration is also beautiful because it is equipped with an IPS panel. It is also highly rated that covering 95% of the color gamut of P3.
Anyway, it is a recommended monitor for those who want to reduce costs.

Pro Display XDR


Apple display for 6K HDR.
Price also bounces at once with 58,2780 yen (tax included).

Honest cost Performance can only be judged.
It is recommended for those who apply below.

  • If you want to work with P3 display
  • Those who want more than 6K monitors
  • Those who want to work with HDR
  • If you like Apple products

ColorEdge CG319X


DCI-4K (4096 × 2160) color management monitor.
Three years after the release, it is the most colored product with 4K monitors.

This will also be more than 500,000 yen at the market price.
It is a recommended model for those who want to make videos firmly on color management firmly.

4K compatible cable

Recommendation: DLC-HX10XF (Sony)

4K compatible HDMI cable

It tends to be unexpectedly forgotten,
Cables are also important.

To HDMI, let's make it DISPLAY PORT,
There is a 4K compliant standard.

More than 2.0 in HDMI
Let DISPLAY PORT make more than 1.2 products.
※ 4K is out of Display Port 1.1, but it does not recommend because the refresh rate is up to 30 Hz

Video editing software

Naturally, software also requires.
Mac or Windows, pay or free, or for beginners or advanced users, etc.

This time, we will introduce the recommended software to beginners.

iMovie (free)


iMovie is a free video editing software provided by Apple.
This officialDetails that support 4K are written.

It is a soft software to handle Mac without having to edit a whole video.

Adobe Premiere Pro


A long-established video editing software provided by Adobe.
There is also a simplified version of Premiere Elements, but if you do 4K movie editing
PREMIERE PRO is recommended.

The feature is that Windows is also available on Mac.
In addition, various TIPs have been published on the net, so it is also advantageous to collect information.

The price is from 2728 yen per month (including tax).
There are also completion plans (monthly monthly ¥ 6248) that can use other software such as Photoshop.



Davinci Resolve is a video editing software that supports RAW format.

The camera "Black Magic Cinema Camera" described above is included with the camera.
It can be purchased individually in 38,000 yen (tax included).

Video editing with RAW can express flexible tones that are not compared to compressed data.
It is a recommended software for those who want to force color adjustment.

Good things: 4K compatible TV

It is good that there is a 4K-friendly TV

This is not essential, it is good.

It is not a monitor, but it is recommended to see and watch the TV finally.
The size of the screen is also different from the monitor, and the color development is different.
If there is a 4K TV, you can see that difference.

Purpose preparation for 4K video editing

What did you think.

When I try to edit a video of 4K,
The level around the equipment is given.
It is a fact that costs will rise compared to HD.

If you align what we introduced this time, it will take a budget of 500,000 yen.
While this is cheap or want to feel high, it is a person from a person from a few years ago, and it has become a reasonable price.

4K videos are expected to spread more and more.
It may be good to get used to video editing at 4K from now.

Powerful Items in video editing "Free Video Material"

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