How to set videos on virtual background of Zoom

Due to the influence of new coronavirus,
I think that there are many people who have increased opportunities for online meeting.
ZOOM is popular as a standard tool for online meeting.

It is a background to be worried when making a video conference with ZOOM.
Especially when making a meeting from your home,
There are many people who have resistance to copy the background of the house?

It is a virtual background function of Zoom that is useful at such time.
If this is used, fictional images and videos will be the background, so
You can do unique production while protecting privacy.

This time, we will explain how to make the background with the original video from the introduction of ZOOM.
Rebester Material suitable for zoom virtual backgroundThere is also, so please use it.

Access ZOOM

ZOOM top screen

FirstZOOM's official siteAccess to
Click the button "Sign Up" in the upper right.

Enter the date of birth

Enter the date of birth with ZOOM

When you click the button "Sign Up"
Migrate to the above screen.
Please enter the date of birth here.

Sign in with e-mail address or other account

Free sign up to zoom

Sign in either your email address or SSO, Google, and Facebook.
This time, it signs up by the email address.
If you enter an email address, you will receive an email from ZOOM
Let's activate.

Enter a name

ZOOM Sign Up: Register Name

Enter your name and password.

Invite a companion (skip and OK)

Invite friends at Zoom

If there are no particular invitations, it is OK with "Skip the procedure".

Start test meeting

Start test meeting

Because you set a virtual background,
Click Start ZOOM Meeting Now.

ZOOM Client Download

Install zoom

If ZOOM is not installed,
Download the ZOOM client begins.

Install a ZOOM client

Install ZOOM

Installation of ZOOM client starts

Zoom Client Sign in

Sign in to zoom

This time, I signed up by the email address, so
Sign in with your email address.

If you signed up in other ways,
Sign in in the same way.

Click the gear icon of ZOOM

Click the gear icon

Click the gear icon in the upper right of the Zoom client

Click "Background and Filter"

Zoom Background and Filter

Click "Background and Filter".

Click "Add Videos"

Add videos to zoom background

Click the icon to the right of the screen,
Click Add Videos.

Select the video on the PC and complete

Set the virtual background of ZOOM and complete

Selecting a video on your PC will add it to a virtual background.
This timeFree videos hereI tried to add it.

Now I was able to add original videos on the background.

Zoom's background videos are recommended for loop videos, regardless of live-action and CG.

I hope that you are helpful to use it.