For 4K-CG customers

This time, the old 4K-CG migrated to Rebester.
We are informed by e-mail sequentially to all old 4K-CG members.
It is possible to migrate member registration by e-mail, so please respond, but please respond.

About free videos

The old 4K-CG did not have credit notation obligations,
Rebester asks for credit notation about free videos.

If you have downloaded free videos in the old 4K-CG,
Thank you for your response.

If the material that was free with the old 4K-CG becomes a paid material

There is no credit notation obligation.

In the case of free material for both old 4K-CG and Rebester

If possible, please give a credit notation.
There is no obligation at this time,
It will be transitioned to credit notation obligations since January 1, 2022.

If the credit notation is difficult,
Credit notation can be avoided by purchasing a license.
Please check this out for details.

About the stock video material purchased

For customers who have been transitioned by member registration,
Products purchased at the old 4K-CG are taken over to the order history.
If the product you purchased is not in the list, you are welcomePlease contact us.