How to use transition stock video footage

In Rebester, Transition videos We handle.

Transitions are part of "Videos and Videos'.
This tie part is good and the quality of the video is also up.

This transition video is very convenient
Usage is a bit more complicated.

You may be able to use it as soon as you are used to
For the first time, it is recommended to read from this article.
There are three divisions for transitions and there are three usage

  • Add up with addition
  • Use as black and white mask
  • Alpha repeated as an alpha synthesis

It is divided into these.
Let's look specifically because the method changes depending on the material.

How to overlay transitions

Transition videos are basically used and used.

Basics of transitions

For example, if you want to connect the videos A and B,
Put A and B in Truck 1,
It is an image that places transitions to track 2.

At this time, what way to repeat the transition in any way
It depends on the video.
There are three major ways.

Add up with addition

Use transitions by addingFlare transition [8 types set]

For example, this transition
It will be beautifully finished when you add it.

Because black back light leak is included,
This is OK just by adding this from above.
It is OK if you connect A and B when the brightest is the brightest.

As a mask

Example of using transition as a mask

An example of using the mask as a transition.

Because it is a mask, the transition itself is a black and white videos.
A material of A containing the truck 2 using Luminance key etc.
It is an image that disappears gradually.

If you place B material in advance under the material of A
It leads beautifully.
It can be said that the first basic transition.

Alpha repeated as an alpha synthesis

Finally, alpha synthesize and stacked.

Similar to addition, but more complex expression is possible.

Some examples are used in combination with the above-mentioned mask.
The transition of the material is a mask,
It is an image that says that the material of alpha syntheses is repeated as decoration.