Feature of people directed to video editing in Mac mini 6 selections

I'm thinking about editing video on Mac.
There are many people who don't know which model to choose.

There are five models roughly divided into Mac.
Mac Pro, iMac, macbook pro, MacBook Air and mac mini.

Mac Mini is a special position.
First there is no monitor.
I can't carry it any more.

However, this Mac Mini is a very recommended model for a specific person.
It is suitable for those who apply to these.

  • Use only indoors
  • I want to use monitor other than apple
  • I want to reduce the cost as much as possible

Let's take a specific explanation.

Use only indoors

Using mac mini inside

First, here is the most important point.

Mac Mini is basically the same as desktop.
Power is always a Mac for people who basically need to work internally.

MacBook Pro is recommended to use outdoors.
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I want to use monitor other than apple

Mac Mini Merritt monitor

Here is also an important point.

Mac Mini has no attached monitor.
You need to prepare yourself.

Conversely, you can choose your own monitor.
This is one of Mac Mini's big Merritt.

Monitor is one of the most important items for video editing.
There are various monitors depending on the budget and usage
Here are two monitors.

I want to see the color firmly

Eizo coloredge series

Eizo coloredge series is the world's highest monitor.
It is a product for professionals used in Japan and worldwide.

You can work with color management firmly.
Color management is an indispensable step for "putting out the color of the drawing out correctly".

Management of colors is very important in video editing.
If you want to express the exact color flavor on your Mac
Combined use of Mac Mini and coloredge is an effective combination.

I want to connect with

Dell u2421e 24 inch

Dell monitor

Mac Mini has only one HDMI port.

Thunderbolt 3 (usb-3) has two models for M-1
Four Intel models.

For dual monitors,
Use USB - C.
In this case, Dell's monitor is recommended.

It has a very slim bezel, beautiful IPS liquid crystal and 24 inch WUXGA (1920 * 1200) price is 45000 yen.

Mac Mini does not support PD power supply.
Please note that the power cord of the monitor is required.

I don't want too much budget

Mac Mini suppresses cost

This is one of the important elements.

I want to edit video on MAC, but I don't want to invest early.
I want to use a monitor at home and work.

It is Mac Mini recommended for such a person.
It is possible to purchase it from 79800 yen (tax) if it is the best model.
Compared to other Macs.

Of course, the price goes up faster.
If you want to do some video editing
It might be a market price from about 150000 yen.
This area becomes a consultation with the budget.
Customize by Apple pageRecommended.

I want to challenge 4K video editing

4K video editing with macmini

Although it is not concrete yet
I want to challenge 4K video editing someday.

It is Mac Mini recommended for such a person.
If you have more than 4K monitors, you can edit 4K video in Mac Mini.

If you have 4K video editing, please note the following points.

  • Provide a monitor with a resolution of 5 K or more or use over 4K with a dual monitor
  • CPU uses good

As for the first point, it is easy to work with the monitor.
If you have more than 5 K, you can work with the final resolution.

The 2nd is ideal for 3.2 GHz 6 core eighth generation Intel Core i7.
Because Mac Mini is the best CPU, it will be combined with the budget.

Video editing for Mac

How was it?

Mac Mini is a minor model in MAC.
It has very excellent cost performance.

I hope this article will be useful for those who are looking for Mac Mini.
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