Rebester is made of Shopify

Do you know the service called Shopify?

Shopify is a service that allows individuals and companies to easily create EC sites.
In Japan, Base and Stores are famous, but Shopify boasts an overwhelming share worldwide.

Its growth is a great deal of market capitalization, and domestic companies that exceed the total value of Shopify are only Toyota.

However, since it is not famous in Japan, I would like to introduce an example of EC site creation using Shopify this time.

What kind of site

I created a video material site called Rebester.
This point is that you sell digital content called videos at EC sites.

Unlike normal product sales, there is no deal trouble.
However, digital content sales are still ready,It is current status that you can not reach a great place.

Based on that, I would like to focus on SHOPIFY to sell digital content in Shopify.

Cook to Shopify

The reason I decided to Shopify is "customizability and future".

First, there are some options to make an EC site.
As mentioned earlier, domestic Base and Stores are representative.
There are several services overseas, but still Shopify is powerful.

The good place of Base and Stores is that Japanese is fulfilling.

Operation, Japanese, help, Japanese and tutorials are also Japanese.
Shopify also supports Japanese, but here is still one of the domestic services.

Next, Base takes 3.6% for settlement and Stores to 3.6% or 5%.

On that, Shopify Shopify payment There is no payment fee if it is used.

The monthly fee is 0 yen Base, and Shopify can be selected from $ 29, from 2178 yen for Stores.

In the case of Shopify, the monthly fee is $ 79, $ 299, so it may feel "high".

However, because the settlement fee is close to substantial zeros, it is so trying to go to the sales. Base and Stores works as well as sales.

The following criteria are "customized".
As mentioned earlier, this is the reason to decide to Shopify.

Every service can be said, but basically the EC site is created from the template as long as there are no budgets of million yen or more. It is an image that customizes it little by little.

However, there are many people who are not familiar with programming, but it is dangerous to hard-code themes.

It is "app" to appear there.

The app is a service that carries a troublesome function.
The app will play a work such as creating a receipt easily or cooperating with YouTube.

The number and quality of this app are the liver of EC site creation service, but Shopify is overwhelming. The quality of the app is very important to direct site creation difficulty and customizability.

And finally it is "future".

As the number of users increases, the quality and number of apps described above will also be improved. In addition, better store creation can be expected because the function and tutorial of Shopify itself will also increase.

This kind of service is very important because the information is more and more and the information circulates as the number of users increases.

Recommended for actual work to pro

After deciding to Shopify, we have designed a site from there.

If it is Shopify, there is no category like WordPress and basically controlled.

In addition, there is a "collection" that handles the product, but this acts like the product's parent category.

Considering these such Shopify specific cases, site design is performed, and it will be placed in the stage of order.

The way is roughly divided into two, asking the company or ask for freelance.

In the former case, there are many ways to search by "Shopify production company" etc.
In the latter case, you can communicate directly with freelance with Lancers.

Rebester approached both. The image of the logo and product was prepared here, and we had a professional adjustment based on the template. Of course, there may be a case where the template may be used as it is,This is very big because you can correct it in detail if you ask a professional.

It is a sense of money, but if I ask the company, is it 600,000 yen?
It is a cheap image that is 500,000 yen.
Of course it is a minimal image until it is also due to the size of the site.

Asked for a freelance, it tended to be cheap by 2% compared to the company.
Shopify has a certification system called Shopify expert, but if you have that qualification, you can request with equal or higher quality as if you ask the company.

Digital Content Sales Wall

The problem is that the product handled by Rebester is "videos".

In the case of product sales, there is a flow that has already been established, so there is no problem unless it is quite unusual, but sales of digital content are still developing.

It is not possible to be the default function, but I relied on the app.
I tried multiple apps that were the bestSendowL"is.

In the case of video, it will be the following purchase flow when divided into a large amount.

2 Notification to buyer
3 Record the purchase of products
4 View the purchase history to the buyer
Red-downloadable after 5

Sendowl function is 2 to 5.
SHOPIFY has login function, and My Page is displayed there.
The video buyer can always check and re-download history from there.

You can also issue a license key or make it a bundle (combination) depending on the content of digital content.

A flow of video sales was established using Sendowl,
There was another problem.
Import video.

Unlike streaming services such as YouTube,
Shopify uses your own video player.

This enhances the initial speed faster than YouTube,
When high resolution data, it takes a lot of load.

If the load takes, the video is not seen.
Therefore, it was necessary to reduce the resolution of the video.

I understand that you look at the video site, but in fact, all sites do not use high resolution players. Given global customers, you can also think that it is intended to interact with data.

Rebester, If you want to see high-resolution videos, you recommend YouTube. EC sites and video players seem to be still growing.

In the age of having an EC site

It is now possible to publish products to the whole world with the evolution of the times. It is a safe settlement system that is big.

Base, Stores, Shopify, this settlement is convenient, security is guaranteed. This is a point that is very different from the previous one.

If you can clear it here, it's up to the quality of the customer and the quality of the product.
I hope that this article is a reference for those who are trying to challenge EC site creation.