Recommended Animated background stock videos for Profile Movie

Rebester produces, distributes and distributes original video material.
I want to introduce 5 material recommended for the profile movie this time.

The profile movie here is the introduction video of the bride and groom.

It is made from 3 to 10 minutes.
Because there are many photographs, it tends to become monotonous.

So, if you use the video material, you can increase the quality of the product, and the quality of the animation easily increases by one step.
I want to introduce how to use this time, so please look at the end.

Two sparrows

The first recommendation is this material.
Because it is the best background animation for the opening, the versatility is high.

If you try to put a character on the test, it will look like this.

Animation of two sparrows

It can be reflected only with this sparkling material than only a character.
It is easy to edit because the character is put on the material.

2 glitter page

Frame of glitter set

Next is frame material.
The frame material is a material surrounding the animation and the still picture.

I think that it becomes mainly a photograph mainly dealing with the profile movie
If there is such a material, a luxury feeling comes out and tightens a picture.

Frame of glitter

It looked like this on the still picture.
Simple addition.
Please use this product for 5 types within the product.

Frame of glitter set

Fleur transitions 8 Piece Set

The third is transition.
You can easily create a simple transition just by overlapping on the photo and the video.

If you use the transition well, you can make the transition of animation and still picture rich.
Because the profile movie has many switching of the image, it is very convenient when there is a transition material.

This product is recommended for eight kinds of material.

Flare transition - Soundtrack

Fragile particle trajectories

Fragile particle trajectory

The fourth is the material of this long length.
It can be used as a background material, and can be used even more.

Animation of particle

It looked like this by adding.
I am very matched to the bright image of the wedding.

Because the length is long, it is easy to use something.

Fragile particle trajectory

Glitter bouncing on the ground

Last loop loop material.
It can be used even as a background material.

Glitter video clips

It looks like this on the background material.
It is possible to produce a gorgeous and luxury feeling.

It is a material which is easy to use because it is 60 FPS on the length of 40 seconds.
It is recommended in addition to the profile movie.

Glitter bouncing on the ground